Vibrators from AWAQ.U make you want to live and make love

Vier Freudenspender mit Stil

Mit AWAQ.U von You2Toys gibt es vier neue Lovetoys in der Trendfarbe Lila für junge Paare, die die Abenteuerlust und Experimentierfreude lieben, die neugierig sind auf das Leben und die Liebe.

The stylish pleasure dispensers from AWAQ.U are made of silicone and covered with silky soft touch texture – so they are easy to insert and slide as if by itself. Pleasantly flexible, they allow many variations of play and adapt perfectly to the body movements when changing positions.

The vibrators of AWAQ.U spoil each with 1-2 powerful motors with 10 intense vibration modes each. These are conveniently controllable at the touch of a button directly on the toy – even in and under water, because the vibrators from AWAQ.U are waterproof. Charging is done via an included USB cable

The following models are available

The “AWAQ-U Vibrator 1”  with clitoral and anal stimulator pampers vaginally, clitorally and anally. Here, two powerful motors provide 10 vibration modes each in the shaft and clitoral stimulator, which extend into the anal stimulator. At the same time, the vibrator with its ideally curved shaft, the fluted clitoral stimulator and the narrow, flexible anal stimulator adapts perfectly to the body anatomically.

The “AWAQ.U Vibrator 2”  pampers vaginally and clitorally – with two powerful motors, each with 10 vibration modes. The ideally curved head with its pronounced fluting perfectly reaches and stimulates the G-zone. At the same time, the clitoris is also pampered by the flat fluted stimulator outside.

The “AWAQ.U Vibrator 3”  is a pampering all-rounder with low-frequency vibration: its powerful motor provides 10 intense vibration modes that can be felt deeply. With its ideally curved head and the pronounced fluting underneath, it pampers so vaginally introduced perfectly the G-zone.

The “AWAQ.U Vibrator 4”  pampers vaginally and anally. With its ideally curved head and pronounced fluting underneath, it intensively reaches and stimulates the G-zone with its powerful motor with 10 vibration modes. At the same time, the anal region is pampered by the narrow stimulator with fluted head.

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