Couple vibrators ► fun while making love together

Couple vibrators – fun when making love together.

Whether you’re newly in love or married for years – a satisfying sex life requires variety and new input. What could be better than a couple vibrator that promises tingling pleasure for both? This article provides information about couple vibrators that bring momentum to joint lovemaking and shows what advantages their use brings.


Advantages of couple vibrators – why they should not be missing in bed.

The use of couple vibrators during sex brings with it so many advantages. The most important reason that speaks for the use: couple vibrators are designed to stimulate both partners at the same time. This way, all parties involved have the opportunity to really get going and have to worry less about whether the lovemaking is also satisfying for the other. This makes couple vibrators, ideal not only for foreplay, but also for the actual act.

The use of couple vibrators is also recommended for mutual exploration of erogenous zones. This way, couples can grow in pleasure together and find out new preferences about themselves or their partner.

How do couple vibrators work?

Unlike a conventional vibrator, a couple vibrator is designed to be used not only for clitoral stimulation, but also for pleasurable stimulation of the man’s glans and other erogenous zones. The vibrators feature a special shape, so they work ideally for making love together.

During sex, couple vibrators can be placed between your own body and that of your partner. Positions like the missionary position are especially suitable for this. Many models are both a lay-on vibrator and a dildo for penetration – this guarantees particularly versatile applications for joint stimulation.

Vibration levels and intensities can be flexibly adjusted, similar to solo vibrators. It is important to orientate yourself to your partner, after all, the stimulation should be exciting for both of you.

Couple vibrators: These models are available

Couple vibrators come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Different variants of couple vibrators allow each couple to live out their individual preferences. Basically, any normal vibrator can be converted into a couple vibrator with a little imagination – however, models specially designed for this purpose make things a little easier.

Clamp-shaped couple vibrators

A clamp-shaped or C-shaped couples vibrator is especially suitable for the missionary position to stimulate the clitoris and penis at the same time. Due to its flexible C-shape, it can optimally help both partners climax in this position.

The clamp-shaped vibrator is inserted into the woman together with the penis and thus provides intense stimulation of the G-spot. The other end rests on the clitoris and brings tingling excitement here too.

Penis rings with vibration for extra fun for you

A special feature for varied sex is a penis ring with vibration function. This sex toy thus not only ensures increased stability of the penis, but at the same time increases the pleasure of lovemaking by providing stimulation of the clitoris. Penis rings can be worn directly on the glans, around the testicles or at the base of the penis.

Vibrators with remote control

Especially sexy are vibrators for couples that can be operated by remote control or app. The rhythm and intensity of the vibration can be controlled by one partner – so hot teasing is guaranteed. How about hiding the vibrator in your partner’s panties and providing unnoticed vibrating moments during a joint dinner in a restaurant? Anyone who is turned on by arousal in public will be well served by this sex toy.

Multifunction vibrators

Some sextoys offer a variety of uses and are therefore especially suitable for varied sex. These vibrators can be used both as a penis ring, lay-on vibrator so also for penetration. Many models have several vibration motors installed, which can be controlled individually. Some models even offer an additional remote control function.

Choose the right vibrator for couples

Finding the right toy in the large selection is sometimes not so easy. First and foremost, it is important not to skimp on the quality of the sex toys. After all, we are talking about extremely sensitive areas of the body that deserve only the best materials. But how do you find high-quality sex toys?

A well-made sex toy can usually be recognized by its hygienic packaging and smell: high-quality toys do not smell strongly of plastic or chemicals. In addition, you should pay attention to the right size when choosing a couple vibrator. If you are looking for a toy for insertion, you can orient yourself on the penis length and girth. Penis rings are usually designed to be flexible enough to fit any size like a glove.

Other important criteria include:

  • High-quality materials: medical-grade silicone is very pliable, skin-friendly and hygienic, as it is easy to clean. It is also compatible with water-based lubricant. Attention: sex toys should not contain plasticizers, because they can be absorbed by the mucous membrane.
  • Price range: especially with couple vibrators, it is important not to choose the first cheap model. A durable vibrator with high-quality materials, which is easy to clean with soap and water, costs a good deal more than the cheap vibrator from the vending machine.
  • Battery life: What could be more annoying than a sex toy that gives up the ghost in the middle of lovemaking? When choosing the right couple vibrator, the battery life or battery consumption should therefore also be taken into account.
  • Waterproof: If the couple vibrator is also to be used in the shower or bathtub, it is important to choose a waterproof model. Note: Splash-proof means that the toy must not be immersed in water.
  • Volume: No vibrator is completely silent, but there are big differences – high-quality products are whisper-quiet with a volume of less than 50 dB and thus guaranteed not to be a distracting distraction during lovemaking.
  • Important: A sex toy should always be packaged with a hygiene seal. This is essential for the good quality of a product and enables carefree lovemaking without the risk of infection.

Conclusion: A toy for double satisfaction

Couple vibrators are a great way to make your sex life together exciting and discover new preferences. Whether it’s a clamp vibrator, a sex toy with remote control or a vibrating penis ring, the possibilities are endless and there is a suitable toy for every couple. High quality is important – after all, the products come into contact with the most intimate areas of the body and should provide pleasure and joy for a long time.

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