Now it’s getting dark: Blackout Eyemask eye mask in test

All details about the opaque eyemask

If you’re looking for products that will make your sex life even more exciting, you should take a look at the Blackout Eyemask from Ouch! The opaque eye mask promises exciting experiences for couples that don’t just have to take place in bed. What details stand for them, explains the article.

What to do to bring a breath of fresh air into your love life?

The eye mask from Ouch! can be used either to sleep better or to bring a breath of fresh air into your love life. It provides exciting experiences, because when the partner can no longer see anything, it is even more tingling and mysterious to expect the coming touches. Thus, the eye mask can significantly increase sexual arousal.

The dimensions of the mask are 9.3 x 18.5 x 0.2 centimeters, and the weight is 38 grams. Due to this, it is suitable for all people. The Blackout Eyemask is made of PU leather, which makes it feel comfortable on the skin. The mask is especially attractive because it can be used in many ways. Role-playing games are also possible with it.

Use the eye mask from Ouch!

The Blackout Eyemask is perfect for inspiring the imagination during lovemaking. It allows for completely new experiences, because touching in the dark is absolutely arousing. The eye mask can be used in different ways. If you don’t feel like having sex for once, you can also use it to sleep better or to rest.

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The material is opaque and comfortable, so it promotes relaxation. Or the eye mask can be used to ignite the wild side of the wearer. Anything is possible here, as long as a couple is consensual about it. On the other hand, the eye mask is also an excellent gift for loved ones and friends.

As mentioned earlier, it can also be used for role-playing. In this regard, most people believe that they are associated with costumes. This is true, but the mask can also be perfectly used for this purpose. It is simply worn in combination and can be very seductive.
It fits the maid outfit or even the role play teacher and student. Patients can be cared for in eye mask by the nurse or doctor. In addition, many other constellations are possible. Even to erotic lingerie eye masks fit well.

Revive the relationship with an eye mask

Long-standing relationships sometimes fall asleep. If you want to fight against it, you can do it with eye masks like this one. They offer some surprises and can counteract the routine. It’s fun to try new things and awaken the imagination. This is hugely beneficial for the new passion that is created.

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Furthermore, such a mask can also increase trust between partners, as well as self-confidence. If you handle it correctly, you can ensure a fulfilling love life. This also has something of an addictive potential. And it’s never too late for that. No matter how old the protagonists are.

Back to role-playing games. They can turn bedroom fun into a real treat. The partners can dress up and wear an eye mask for this purpose. However, they can also wear the Blackout Eyemask in the BDSM area, where things can get harder.

In general, the mask harmonizes with any taste and allows a wide range of different games. These can be rough or delicate in nature. Of course, this mask can also be used with other utensils, for example, with a whip, crop or handcuffs. Allowed is what pleases the participants.

Increase the erotic fun with eye masks

For many couples, the movie or book of 50 Shades of Grey was a great inspiration when it comes to wearing eye masks. They can be used together with head harnesses or gags and increase the excitement during sexual play. Before using them, it is recommended to talk to each other. Then the partners can express their fantasies, ideas and desires in an unbiased way. So nothing stands in the way of the erotic tryst.

What is there to say explicitly about this mask? It is made of high-quality material and cleanly processed. This is evident from the fit and the seams. It is flexible, so it can adapt to any head shape without pinching or otherwise affecting it. Therefore, it does not leave any annoying marks on the skin. Even after a long period of time, it still feels good.

As it is with most models, this eye mask is suitable for both men and women. It is a unisex mask. It is available in black color, so it can be perfectly combined with other colored lingerie and utensils. If the mask is not in use, it can be discreetly stored in the lingerie drawer. The material is insensitive and easy to clean. The mask can be wiped with a damp cloth.

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