Liaison – Powerful Lovetoys in Luxury Design

Glass sex toys in a noble design

A “liaison” of glass and silicone in the truest sense of the word has been entered into by the new lovetoys of the same name from You2Toys, which are now available at ORION.

The Liaison collection consists of four noble and elegantly designed Lovetoys, which combine all the advantages of a silicone and glass vibrator and offer the special feeling experience – and that on both sides: One side is made of high-quality silicone with silky soft touch texture, the other side is made of solid quality borosilicate glass with LED lighting in the tip.

Glass Toys “Liaison” Series

A powerful motor provides 10 varied vibration modes in both sides, conveniently controlled in the center with the push of a button. The vibrations are intensely felt in both ends for versatile massages and stimulations in and on the body – for solo fun or lovemaking for two.

The sex toy is ideally suited for various love games and is also very popular in the BDSM area or among fetishists. It can be incorporated into the one or other session in which it is hot (or cold) high. And with the lamp function, even the most intimate areas can be perfectly illuminated. Illuminated fun for both partners!

The glass side can also be heated or cooled for sophisticated temperature play. The powerful motors are charged via an included USB cable.


The following models are available:

  • “Liaison Vibrator WAND”
    Wall LED vibrator for full body massages and punctual stimulation
  • “Liaison Vibrator CURVE”
    Curve LED vibrator for deep stimulation
  • “Liaison Vibrator STRAIGHT”
    Straight LED vibrator, straight and versatile
  • “Liaison Vibrator G-SPOT”
    G-Spot LED vibrator for intense stimulation

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